Root Concealer

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No Fillers

No Talc

No chemical

No synthetics

100% natural

Pure minerals

Goat hair brush

32 oz of products


They are Natural.

100% pure minerals from the Earth.






Synthetic fragrances

Synthetic dyes



"The product I've been waiting for! My hair grows fast and the cut I favor is pretty basic, so I have visible gray/brown roots for a month to six weeks before I Need another haircut and color. The Pure Mineral Root Concealer allows me to touch up my roots and gain that extra time between salon appointments with confidence."

Beatrice Tower

5 DEC 2017

"Best root touch up powder I have ever used. It blends well into my hair and last a long time even though I use additional hair products for moisturizing my hair. As a natural hair African American women, it is necessary to use other products to prevent dryness. I no longer will need to dye my hair as often. I will use the touch up powder instead of dye, which I am sure is healthier."

Amazon Customer

30 JUL 2018

"This is a great product. I have only had a chance to use it a handful of times as
I have just received it. Nice to have an alternative to those nasty hair mascaras! The application with this product is simple, and it helps for those times you just can’t get in to get your hair done when you want."

Dana H.

15 JUL 2018